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Diving in Puerto Galera

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Explore Puerto Galera's Dive Delights!

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Galera's dive sites with us. From vibrant coral reefs to mesmerizing marine life, embark on unforgettable underwater adventures curated just for you.


Sabang, Puerto Galera

Welcome to Garden of Eden Dive Resort in Sabang, Puerto Galera – recognized as the Diving Capital of the Philippines!


Situated amidst the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Galera, Sabang is renowned for its exceptional diving experiences, drawing enthusiasts from across the globe to explore its vibrant underwater realm. With pristine waters, diverse marine life, and captivating coral reefs, Sabang has rightfully earned its esteemed reputation in the world of diving.


Discovering the wonders of Sabang's underwater paradise. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a newcomer eager to delve into the depths, we provide essential information to assist in planning your perfect diving adventure.


Explore a multitude of dive sites suitable for all skill levels, ranging from tranquil coral gardens to exhilarating drift dives along dramatic walls adorned with sea fans and sponges. Dive into renowned locations such as the Coral Garden, Hole in the Wall, and the iconic Verde Island Passage, celebrated as a hotspot of marine biodiversity.

Plan your excursion effortlessly with detailed descriptions of each dive site, offering insights into dive conditions, marine species sightings, and notable highlights. Beyond diving, Sabang offers an array of activities to cater to every traveler's desires. Immerse yourself in invigorating jungle treks, relax on pristine beaches fringed with swaying coconut palms, or indulge in the rich local culture through culinary delights and traditional performances.


Whether you seek thrilling dives, serene relaxation, or cultural exploration, Sabang invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery. Begin planning your dream dive vacation today with our comprehensive resources and uncover the unparalleled underwater treasures of the Philippines' premier diving destination.

Verde Island

Regarded as one of the best dive sites in the Philippines, Verde Island boasts breathtaking coral formations and an abundance of marine life. The island's underwater terrain features steep walls, drop-offs, and coral-covered slopes, offering an exhilarating diving experience. Divers may encounter pelagic species, reef sharks, turtles, and an array of reef fish while exploring the reefs surrounding Verde Island.


A day trip to Verde Island typically offers a comprehensive add-on to ensure a memorable and hassle-free diving experience.


With inclusion of guided dives, sanctuary fees, snacks, lunch, and drinks makes for a convenient and enjoyable diving adventure during a day trip to Verde Island. Divers can focus on exploring the underwater wonders of the region, minimum requirement is advance open water.


Marine Biodiversity

Puerto Galera dive sites, is renowned for its rich marine biodiversity, making it a prime destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. Here's an explanation of the marine biodiversity you can expect to encounter while scuba diving in Puerto Galera:


Coral Reefs: The underwater landscape of Puerto Galera is adorned with vibrant and diverse coral reefs. These reefs are home to a plethora of marine life, including various species of fish, invertebrates, and other organisms. The reefs are teeming with color and life, offering spectacular sights for divers.


Fish Species: Puerto Galera boasts an impressive array of fish species. Divers can encounter everything from small, colorful reef fish like clownfish and butterfly fish to larger species such as barracudas, groupers, and snappers. The diversity of fish species adds to the allure of diving in this region.


Macro Life: In addition to larger marine creatures, Puerto Galera is also well-known for its macro life. Divers can find an abundance of fascinating critters hiding amongst the coral reefs, including various species of nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, and other small marine creatures. Macro photographers particularly enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of Puerto Galera's dive sites, searching for these tiny treasures.


Marine Protected Areas: Puerto Galera is home to several marine protected areas, which have helped to preserve and sustain the region's marine biodiversity. These protected areas serve as important habitats for a wide range of marine species and contribute to the overall health of the marine ecosystem in Puerto Galera.


Whale Sharks and other pelagic species: While not as common as some other dive destinations, Puerto Galera occasionally offers encounters with pelagic species such as whale sharks, manta rays, treasure sharks and even occasional sightings of larger marine animals like turtles. These encounters add excitement and unpredictability to diving in Puerto Galera.


Overall, the marine biodiversity of Puerto Galera offers an unforgettable diving experience, with something to captivate divers of all experience levels. Whether you're drawn to colorful coral reefs, diverse fish populations, or the thrill of encountering larger marine creatures, Puerto Galera has something spectacular to offer.


Top Dive Sites

Explore the highlighted dive sites in the vicinity of Puerto Galera.


Sabang Wrecks:

Located just a stone's throw away from Sabang Main Shore, the Sabang Wrecks are a series of sunken vessels that have become artificial reefs teeming with marine biodiversity. Divers can explore these wrecks, which include a cargo ship, a gunboat, and a small freighter, while encountering colorful corals, sponges, and various fish species. The shallow depths of these wrecks make them ideal for both new and experienced divers.


Monkey Beach:

Situated along the coast of Puerto Galera, Monkey Beach offers a more relaxed diving experience with its calm, shallow waters and sandy bottom. This site is perfect for macrophotography enthusiasts, as it is home to an array of small critters and colorful nudibranchs hiding among the coral rubble. Divers can also encounter seahorses, pipefish, and various species of octopus and shrimp while exploring the rich biodiversity of Monkey Beach.


The Hill:

Named for its underwater topography resembling a rolling hill, The Hill is a popular dive site known for its stunning coral gardens and diverse marine ecosystem. Divers can descend along the sloping reef, encountering a plethora of hard and soft corals inhabited by reef fish, eels, and macro critters. The Hill is also frequented by larger marine species such as reef sharks, turtles, and occasional rays, making it a favorite among underwater photographers.


The Canyons:

For adrenaline-seeking divers, The Canyons is a must-visit dive site in Puerto Galera. This site features a series of underwater canyons and swim-throughs, creating an exhilarating maze for divers to navigate. The Canyons are known for their strong currents, which attract large schools of fish and pelagics, including barracudas, jacks, and tuna. Highly experienced advance divers can enjoy drift dives along the canyon walls while witnessing the spectacular marine life that thrives in these dynamic waters.


Marine Protected Areas

Our marine sanctuaries within the pristine waters of Puerto Galera, Philippines. These Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) stand as bastions of ecological conservation, offering a sanctuary for an extraordinary diversity of marine life amidst the stunning backdrop of the archipelago's natural splendor.


Explore this world of wonder as you explore the vibrant coral reefs flourishing within our MPAs. With our Underwater ecosystems, it has an impressive array of coral species, providing vital habitats for an extensive variety of marine fauna. From the graceful movements of colorful reef fish to the mesmerizing dance of sea anemones, every corner of Puerto Galera's MPAs invites you to witness the beauty and complexity of life underwater.


Beyond the coral gardens, delve into the labyrinthine seagrass beds and mangrove forests that serve as crucial nurseries and feeding grounds for countless marine species. Here, you may encounter elusive seahorses swaying amidst the seagrass blades, or catch a glimpse of majestic sea turtles gracefully gliding through the emerald waters.


Our commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship underscores every aspect of Puerto Galera's MPA management. Through collaborative efforts with local communities, government agencies, and conservation organizations such as Blue Alliance Philippines, we strive to preserve the integrity of these marine ecosystems for future generations to cherish and enjoy.


Whether you're a diver, avid snorkeler, or nature enthusiast, Puerto Galera's Marine Protected Areas offer unparalleled opportunities for exploration, education, and conservation.


Join us in our mission to protect and celebrate the natural heritage of our oceans on an unforgettable journey into the heart of marine biodiversity.


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