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Phone one: +639674074407, Phone two: +639657924543
Sabang, 5203 Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Dive into Serenity: Discover Your Inner Peace

Step in, leave your worries behind, and immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation.


Single Dives

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure?

Look no further than Garden of Eden Dive Resort, where every dive promises to be a journey into the mesmerizing depths of the ocean. Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life of the Puerto Galera, Philippines with our single dive experience, meticulously crafted to offer you an unparalleled exploration of the underwater world.


Dive Rate Inclusions:


Tank: We provide high-quality 12l diving tanks with compressed air, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your dive.


Weights: Dive effortlessly with our well-maintained weights, carefully calibrated to suit your needs  


Dive Guide: Our experienced dive guides are passionate experts who will accompany you throughout your dive, ensuring you discover the hidden treasures beneath the surface.


Dive Boat: Enjoy hassle-free transportation to and from the dive site, allowing you to focus solely on the beauty that awaits you beneath the waves.

No. of Dives Per Dive Nitrox
1-9 Php 1800 Php 200
10-19 Php 1700 Php 100
20+/Instructor rate Php 1600 FOC

Diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox)

Diving in the Philippines offers an unparalleled experience that discerning enthusiasts should not overlook. However, it is essential to note that there exist avenues for enhancing and prolonging this experience. Nitrox, a meticulously balanced blend of oxygen and nitrogen, presents itself as an invaluable asset in this pursuit, and can conveniently be arranged through our esteemed establishment, the Garden of Eden Resort.


Nitrox affords divers the advantage of prolonged immersion by mitigating the nitrogen content within the breathing gas. As a consequence, divers can relish extended durations underwater while also benefitting from expedited recovery periods. Moreover, our on-site Nitrox diving services eliminate the need for cumbersome commutes to alternative dive centers, ensuring that every moment is maximized for exploration and enjoyment.


Under the expert guidance of our seasoned dive instructors & guides at Garden of Eden Dive Resort, patrons are provided with comprehensive insights into the manifold advantages of Nitrox, while simultaneously being assured of safe navigation through the aquatic realm.

20 Nitrox Tank Package Php 9000
10 Nitrox Tank Package Php 4500
Single Nitrox Tank Php 450

Verde Island Dive Trip

A day trip to Verde Island typically offers a comprehensive add-on to ensure a memorable and hassle-free diving experience. Here's what you can expect to be included in such a trip:


Two or Three Guided Dives: The day trip usually includes two or three guided dives at dive sites of Verde Island drop off. These dives may vary in depth and difficulty level, catering only to experienced divers.


Sanctuary Fee: The dive trip typically covers the sanctuary fee required to access the dive sites within the Verde Island area. This fee contributes to the conservation efforts aimed at preserving the marine biodiversity of the region.


Snacks: Light snacks are provided during the intervals between dives to keep divers energized and refreshed throughout the day. These may include fruits, or similar snacks.


Lunch: A hearty BBQ-lunch included in the diving trip, served at a designated beach or dive resort. The lunch may consist of local specialties and grilled delicacies. 


Hot and Cold Drinks: Divers are typically offered a selection of hot and cold beverages to stay hydrated and comfortable during the trip. This may include water, soda, tea, or coffee.


Overall, the inclusion of guided dives, sanctuary fees, snacks, lunch, and drinks makes for a convenient and enjoyable diving experience during a day trip to Verde Island. Divers can focus on exploring the underwater wonders of the region, while the resort service crew takes care of the logistics and amenities.

Minimum 6 Pax / 2 Boat Dives Php 8,300/person

Equipment Rental

Full equipment does not include computer and dive light.

Item Per Dive Per Day
Full equipment Php 250 Php 500
BCD Php 150 Php 300
Regulator Php 150 Php 300
Wetsuit Php 100 Php 200
Mask & snorkel Php 100 Php 200
Fins & booties Php 100 Php 200
Computer Php 300 Php 600
Dive light Php 200 Php 400

Sanctuary Fees

Sanctuary Fees are local government imposed fees that all divers are required to pay. As such sanctuary fees are subject to change. These fees are used by the local government to support community projects and maintain and protect the Marine Protected Areas of Dauin and surrounding areas.

Dauin Php 150/dive
Dauin with camera Php 200/dive
Dauin night Php 400/dive
Apo Island Php 330 (whole day)
Sumilion Island Php 300 (whole day)
Dauin snorkeling Php 50

Garden of Eden Dive Resort